2017! New Year New HAIR! (PERM)

Happy New YEAR!!!!! A bit late I know, im sorry!

So, I don’t normally look forward to the new year, new year new me blah blah blah, it becomes over rated and we slip back into our normal habits after a few weeks. So what were our resolutions again? HAHA! Ok ok negative-ness over, this year feels different, maybe it’s just me.

So for the big dreams that WILL happen! I got a new hair-do!


My hair is naturally thick, with a slight wave and no colour. My hairdresser was amazing she took time to divide thin strands for a tight spiral perm. this keep its bouncy and curly.

I think curls are stunning and perm’s get such a bad rep! In modern day technology and development, find a good hairdresser, get it tested, do a home deep conditioning treatments to look after your hair! Then once its done maintain the care! There are so many products out there which will give your curls life!

This is such a brave and bold choice. So ladies and gentlemen, Pick a style that you always have loved, find pictures, check pintrest! ( Check my pintrest too!). Find your inspiration, then go for it!

If you want this done, what are you waiting for? Don’t underestimate the power of a little curl, a little hair dye, few layers or a big chop! You will feel feistier and stronger! In this time of political change, lets break a few glass ceilings with GOOD hair!

Good Hair for a Good Day

Now, what time is your hair appointment?