Coat Addict: What’s your sugar coating?

What’s your sugar coating?

So in time for the winter spirit, it’s time to get your coat on! There are so many styles and options but sometimes weather dominates style! But today I have put together a fabulous collection of this seasons coats for every occasion, with body shape tips to enhance what your mama gave you…

Polyvore Picks




Dinner in Soho

River Islands: Gold jacquard floral blazer coat – £90.00


As the nights get darker, the lights get brighter; the River Island’s Jacquard blazer coat is a show stopper. Perfectly styled with a tailored fit jumpsuit. For those special dinners for the festivities ahead, this pick exceeds your wild spirit.

Body Shape Tip: This is perfect for ALL body shapes, as this creates a fitted shape which lengthens your torso. It also wraps over at the waist to create a slim fit and maintains a blazer fit.–jackets/coats/gold-jacquard-floral-blazer-coat-695370




Your Inner Biker Chick

Topshops: Faux Leather Biker Jacket- Price: £52.00


There is something about putting on a leather jacket that gives you that bad girl vibe. This cropped faux leather jacket with silver detailing is the perfect option to add some sass to your outfit.

Body Shape Tip: Everyone needs a leather jacket in their wardrobe; however the length and collar shape is crucial! If you have a rectangle shape then you have the flexibility to wear cropped and hip length jackets. Also you can wear lapels or high collar styles.

If you have a triangle or hourglass shape you have the flexibility of collar shapes but I would recommend a cropped length. This does not break up your shape and maintains curves on your hips.

For round shapes I recommend a hip length jacket as it doesn’t break up your shape. Breaking up your shape can make your body look bigger. (Which it isn’t). Lastly inverted triangles, you have flexibility on length but avoid high collars as it broadens your shoulders.


For the Everyday Bomber

River Islands: Tan faux fur lined bomber jacket -£75.00


This faux suede bomber jacket is so beautiful! After boxy fit bomber jackets have taken over the world this year, this is the perfect fit for an everyday jacket that exceeds confidence and style.

Body Shape Tip: Bomber jackets are beautiful and on trend however be careful on what fabrics you chose as if you have a fuller bust or curvy bottom, half bulky fabric can create an unflattering and uncomfortable shape. This pick is perfect for a rectangle, inverted triangle shape. For pear, hourglass and oval shapes I suggest a thinner polyester fabric,–jackets/jackets/tan-faux-fur-lined-bomber-jacket-685830



Classic Trench

Burberry: The Kensington Mid wool and cashmere-blend felt trench coat- £1,395






Burberry and trench coats go hand in hand. They produce the most classic trench coats that will run your wardrobe all winter. I know this is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but if you are going to splurge on quality, then Burberry is the match for you.

Body Shape Tip: Like a long line blazer, this fit is a glam option that fits all body shapes, as this creates an hourglass shapes no matter what your shape.


Keeping up with Glam

Miss Pap: Megan McKenna Grey Faux Fur Shaggy Jacket- £40.00


This is a jacket which is designed to be glamorous to its fullest. You will be a show stopper. Multi coloured Faux Fur jackets are literally amazing. Only for the brave hearted.

Body Shape Tip: We all should try this style, no matter what shape. This is a big coat, so to manage your silhouette, pair with slim fit/ skinny jeans. This will keep focus on your show stopper jacket.








Floral and Feminine

River Island: Plus pink floral print duster jacket – £60.00



This plus size number will only flatter your body shape! Full figure + confidence are a dangerous little number. This duster jacket is a perfect option to keep on all night long. The floral pattern brings a feminine charm to your outfit.

Body Shape Tip: This is perfect for all shapes and as it is part of the plus range, it is cut to shape a full figure without compromising style and comfort.–jackets/jackets/plus-pink-floral-print-duster-jacket-693408?mid=38432&cur=GBP&cmpid=af_Linkshare_UK_PB_Hy3bqNL2jtQ_10&siteID=Hy3bqNL2jtQ-F7b7aMcRMmnmqFqn0B9n6g





Be Beautiful. Be You