From Boys to Men…

From Boys to MEN…

I have had such a good response from my previous post on men’s body shapes, which I am extremely grateful for. This post will show ways to change your look for a more stylish look.

The goal is effortless. The way you dress determines everything:

-How you feel

-Your mood /personal characteristics

– How people approach you

– The initial reaction you get from peers, family members, friends and love interests.

Below I have put together 3 key looks to start with that will keep your looks fresh and wardrobe versatile for anything. These complete outfits that compliment your body and reflect a selected style and look.

Everyday Suits.

EVERY MAN NEEDS A SUIT! I cannot stress this enough, a suit will compliment every shape but this can be used through day to night. The shape of the suit depends on your shape, avoid all box shapes blazers and trousers. It will drown you and create an unflattering shape.

Go and get fitted in a Moss Bros, Hugo Boss, House of Fraser, Nordstrom or Armani. Get fitted at more than one store. Even if you think you know your size,  because your  fit/ styles and sizes are always changing. The suit will fit your body shape, not your body fitting the suit.

The Slimness of the suit depends on your size:

– Broad and rectangle shapes I recommend a slim / skinny fit blazer.

– Round and Triangle shapes you must have a slim/straight fit but avoid it looking too skinny because it will create a widening look.

-For Inverted Triangle, also pick slim fit suits however as your shoulders and arms are broader, it must look comfortable as well as feeling comfortable.

Slowly build a range of suits in black, blues, navy’s and grey.Whether you wear this to work, Sunday brunch or  a Friday night date, this is a irreplaceable outfit that will take you to a new level of confidence. You can also pair a blazer with a smart pair of jeans to keep it smart casual.

Don’t be afraid to compliment your suits with a pocket tissue, waistcoat, tie or braces. Its about accessorizing.


Keeping it Casual.

Part 1:

Ok so we know with suits you wear shirts, but casually this is a definite yes! Pair a shirt with jeans and smart pair of shoes or fresh trainers. Sounds simple right? Yes, yes it is.

Part 2:

This is important, Layering.

Layering is important to making or breaking your outfit. Add a smart jumper, waterfall drape cardigan, leather jacket or smart jacket on top and your outfit will be smoking.

If it’s too hot, you could roll up your sleeves for a edgy look and add a few beaded bracelets and your done. This can be worn all year round… here is some inspiration

The Art of the T

When boys grow into men, it can be easy to forget your style changes, and you end up sticking on a t-shirt with jeans. Stop it.

Please stop it.

The T-shirt is made for comfort and ease but think of it as a canvas, the base to create your outfit around. Not centre the outfit. So take note of how the T-shirt is adapted for style and comfort.



Have a good haircut and shave. Whether you have a fresh shave, stubble or a bear, keep it tidy. Plain and simple.

-Always wear after shave, if you smell good, no one can resist. Do not be mistaken by the senses.

-Keep your skin good, there are so many products out there, Body shop and Lush have a variety of men’s products that will keep your skin smelling good and clean. There’s nothing wrong with a mud mask, tweeze those odd hairs, cut your nails and buy a good exfoliation and moisturizer. You might feel like I don’t know where to start, visit a store such as body shop and ask an adviser, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, be proud, you’re going to look even more amazing.

– Keep your shoes/ trainers clean and in style

-Always wear a watch and have a wallet, it shows your organized and sophisticated.

-Don’t forget to layer and accessorize.


Be Real. Be Bold. Be You.