Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

We are all beautifully made in different shapes and sizes!

So through these blog posts I want to provide tips that will help you dress for your body. Where we make the clothes to fit for you, not your fit for the clothes. I love trends but it can be so easy to lose ourselves in trends. It’s so easy just to follow what’s out there but we all want to be different right? Then there is so much inspiration on Instragram, Pintrest and Polyvore to name a few but sometimes it’s where to start?

I’m not the only one to fall in love with an outfit to then realise my body is not shaped for it or try to squeeze a pair of jeans on that do not fit past my knees. (and yes I picked the right size)… So I want to go on a journey where I will go through different styles/looks/options to help bring that sass to life and to enhance what you have, so you feel comfortable and glamorous!

So what body shape are you?

Rectangle: A rectangle shape is where you may have a slender and straight body frame. An athletic body frame is great as you get to play with more silhouettes and styles! Kate Hudson body is absolutely amazing, and I know we all don’t have abs like her however she is a prime example of a rectangle body shape.kate-hudson-rectangle

Inverted Triangle: An inverted triangle is where your frame may be wider in your shoulders but slimmer and slender torso and legs too. So channel your inner Naomi Campbell and embrace your shape!naomi-c-inverted-triangle

Hour Glass: Hour glass is a curvier shape, where it balanced in the bust and hips with a small waist. This is known for being a sexier shape, perfect for showing curves, but do not be misinformed- There is more you have to watch with picking outfits. From Salma Hayek to Kim Kardashian who flood our magazines with their hourglass shape, with curves in all the right places. So if you have it, flaunt it!kim-k-hourglass2

Round: Rounded shapes are where your torso is a little rounder but it gives you beautiful curves! Bold and Beautiful #sexy. Ashley Graham only shows you how beautiful this shape is and to be confident no matter what.ashley-graham-round

Triangle: Triangle shape is gorgeous silhouette, where your curves focus on your hips. Lastly if Queen B can slay everything with this body, then US girls can rule the world!beyonce-triangle

Now this is not a defined ‘you must pick one’, this is just a rough guide to what are the basic outlined figures. I know we have those areas on our body which may not be our favourite, for me it’s my lower stomach (the hardest place to shift). Once we know our shape and we can embrace what we have, become comfortable in our own skin and distract focus on the places which we haven’t learnt to love yet…

Be Beautiful. Be You.








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