Once Upon a Blog…

Hi Gorgeous!

I just wanted to take you on this journey with me within the world of blogging. So where to begin?

Why blogging? Why now?

This journey has been a rollercoaster already and it is just starting. This process has been exciting and so daunting at the same time. I have always loved fashion, makeup and beauty but the thought of being online is honestly scary.

Blogging is a global phenomenon and has literally changed the world! For a long time I didn’t pursue it, the thought of being a little fish in such a big pond became a scary factor. But then one day it all changed…

You know the saying “One day you will wake up and it will just click”. That Is what has happened. My love for fashion, beauty, girl power and everything glamorous just got too much to contain. My thinking changed to why not? I can!

Besides from all the amazing styles, glittery eye shadow pallets and lipstick choices, I know this will not be easy BUT CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

So this is me. With alot of learning, excitement and determination, I hope you enjoy it and come on this journey with me.



P.s Positive vibes only